We develop the solutions required by your project We are a metallurgical company dedicated to the manufacture of spare parts for machines
and equipment upon request with high quality standards and competitive prices.

70 years of experience and the development of an Integrated Management System, which allows us to guarantee the quality of product design, manufacture, and control processes, support our response level and capacity, with results that broadly satisfy our customers´ needs and expectations.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, such as numerical control machining centers and lathes, which allows us to perform any kind of machining on any material and for any type of industry.

We foster the replacement of imports through local engineering and manufacture of imported spare parts. We supply oil refineries, thermoelectric power plants, cement factories, textile factories, and petrochemical plants, among others.

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New service

For the benefit of our big customers, we have incorporated the Induction Heating of Turbine Casing Bolts (IHoTCB), resulting in a reduction of time and maintenance costs in planned or emergency plant outages, maximizing security.