Reverse engineering

We develop and manufacture equipment and spare parts according to samples, following our Integrated Management System that guarantees quality standards and competitive prices.

Analysis, design and production
Based on chemical analyses, hardness control and conversations with the customer, we design the technical specifications and prepare the digital maps.
Once the analysis and development have been completed, we manufacture a piece identical to the original, which is delivered to the customer together with the technical documentation. To achieve a better development, we may apply re-engineering improvements to the original equipment or spare part.
Furthermore, we develop any necessary engineering so that the customer will be able to have their set of spare parts.


Trabajos Realizados

Development of spare parts according to drawing

We develop any kind of product according to drawing, sample or survey in situ, following our Integrated Management System that guarantees quality standards and competitive prices.

Trabajos Realizados

Technical advice

Our creativity and technical experience are made available to customers for the resolution of problems and inconveniences that may arise in their projects. We offer trained, reliable, sensible technical advice.

Induction heating of turbine casing bolts

A new service is offered to our big customers. Induction Heating of Turbine Casing Bolts (IHoTCB) is a technologically novel system that allows us to make your next plant outage safe, fast and profitable.

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How we do it: less time, more security

Our 100 Kw equipment is able to heat bolts by sectors within 5 to 10 minutes according to their size. This means that a task which would usually take 3 or 4 days can be performed in one 8-to-16-hour working day.

Moreover, induction coils are cold to the touch, which generates a much more secure and relaxed working environment.

Such reduction in time and the good labor security conditions represent a conceptual change in relation to maintenance or emergency outages. Through our service, their development or resolution can be achieved in far less time and, therefore, involve fewer costs.

Benefits of the IHoTCB service

  • Reduction in duration of plant outages.

  • Possibility of resolving emergencies quickly.

  • Possibility of adjusting bolts without damaging them and of removing them with manual tools without difficulty.

  • Improvement in work safety.

  • Calm and trust since it is a quality service supported by MEX Argentina.